How to Prep for Your Painting Estimate

For homeowners looking for a reputable company to paint their house, getting estimates can be a time-consuming task.  You can reduce the cost to both yourself and the professional paint pros by doing a few things at your estimate appointment:

  1. Know exactly what surfaces you may want painted.  If you are thinking of painting a surface, but aren’t sure yet, include it in the estimate.  If you decide that you don’t want to paint that surface after you hire the company, you’ll just pay less than you thought!
  2. Make sure the surfaces that need to be painted can be seen by your prospective painter during the visit.  Surfaces covered by boxes or furniture can be hiding challenges that may add to the cost of the actual paint job!
  3. Stay focused and answer the questions each painter has for you.  Change is exciting!  It can be tempting to start getting advice about paint shades and coverage, but design consultations should be with the company you actually hire.  Keep to the estimate discussion and make sure each painter has all of the information they need so they can give you an accurate estimate.

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